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Katy Perry gets restraining order against ‘stalker’ that protects family


Katy Perry has been granted a restraining order against an alleged stalker, it’s claimed.

The Part of Me singer, 35, obtained the court order against a man called ‘William’ who ‘trespassed’ on her property, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

It also protects her fiancé, Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, their newborn daughter Daisy, and Bloom’s nine-year-old son Flynn.

She says ‘William’ jumped the fence of her home in the Beverly Hills area on September 8, while she, Orlando and Daisy were in the property.

‘William’ has allegedly made threats against Orlando on Twitter, with Katy admitting that she fears for her safety because of him.

Katy Perry has been granted a restraining order against an alleged stalker, it’s claimed

The stalker allegedly made threats against Katy’s fiancé Orlando Bloom

Katy reportedly says in the documents: “William has made threats on Twitter including that he wants to ‘snap Orlando Bloom’s neck’ as well as lewd posts about me.

“He has entered my property and poses a violent threat to all of us.”

She adds: “I have great fear that he does or may have access to weapons. I am in immediate fear for my own safety, that of my partner, my newborn child, our family, and friends.”

She allegedly fears for the safety of her newborn daughter Daisy (pictured)

‘William’ is believed to be homeless and living in a silver Buick sedan, the report stated on Tuesday.

The documents claim he jumped the fence before security asked him to leave.

He was placed under citizen’s arrest and then formally arrested for criminal trespass by the LAPD, it’s reported.

Katy during her pregnancy

The man allegedly told Katy’s security he intended to enter the home.

The court granted the temporary restraining order for Katy.

A hearing has been set for October 8 to decide whether to make the order permanent.

Mirror Online has contacted Katy’s reps for comment.


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