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Peter Andre jokes son Theo might not be his after seeing hunky gardener


Peter Andre joked that a hunky gardener is his son Theo’s real dad during the return of Life with the Andres.

The YouTube series has returned for a second installment following the roaring success of the first, following Pete, wife Emily and their blended family as they go about their daily lives.

Ever one for dad jokes, Pete laughed that their dishy family gardener Dan was “every husband’s nightmare” as he worked up a sweat in the garden.

And Pete couldn’t resist taking the joke that bit further as he held up youngest lad Theo beside handsome Dan and questioned if he was his real dad.

“This is what you’ve got to worry about,” Pete said, “when your gardener’s as handsome as this bloke.

“It’s every husband’s nightmare, isn’t it?”

Pete joked Dan was ‘every husband’s nightmare’

Picking up little Theo and holding him next to a smiling Dan, Pete chuckled: “There is a resemblance, definetely.”

Pete shares Theo, three, and Milly, six, with wife Emily.

He also has 16-year-old Junior and 13-year-old Princess with ex-wife Katie Price.

Elsewhere in the show, Pete proved his great dad credentials as he urged Princess to have more confidence with her singing.

While he sat at the computer and provided a backing track, Princess stepped into the makeshift booth and belted out a few lines.

Pete shares Theo with Emily

The doting dad laughed that Theo might not be his

“My kids love singing,” he told.

“Not gonna force in on them…when they’re ready, they can do it.”

Princess gave a few lines before telling her dad: “This song’s really weird, the backing track.”

“But just listen to yourself,” Pete protested, playing it back to her, “You’ll see what I mean.

“Do you know what I mean? You’ve got a beautiful voice.

“You’ve just gotta have the confidence.”

Pete recently told he wanted to keep spending as much time with his kids after lockdown

Pete urged Princess to have more confidence after hearing her voice

Proud dad Pete recently vowed to keep spending time with his kids, having been with them 24/7 during lockdown.

Emily is an NHS doctor, fighting coronavirus on the front line, which meant Pete was pretty much on full time parenting duty.

In a new campaign for Quorn, Pete reflected with Junior and Princess of what they’ve learned from the past months.

He told Princess she has a ‘beautiful’ voice

“During the last few months, I’m sure we’re not the only family who have made changes to our everyday lives,” he said.

“As well as creating a lifetime of special memories, we’ve also adopted new habits and new routines.

“On the surface, these may seem quite small, however they have actually had a big impact on us, which is why we were eager to make these pledges so we can continue with our positive steps even as life gets busier.”


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