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Caitlyn Jenner wants Kourtney Kardashian to rekindle romance with Scott Disick


Caitlyn Jenner is hoping her former step-daughter Kourtney Kardashian will rekindle her romance with ex Scott Disick now that they’re both single again.

Scott and Kourtney, who share kids Mason, 10, Penelope, eight, and Reign, five, split in 2015 and both moved on while remaining close friends and dedicated co-parents.

Fans have been desperate to see them get back together ever since they split from their respective partners, and it seems Caitlyn is just as keen.

The 70-year-old said: “I would hope [Scott] can kinda get his act together. They’ve got all these kids together. I think always it’s the best for the kids to have a mother and a father that’s right there all the time. I don’t know if that’s ever gonna work out.”

Caitlyn would love to see Kourtney and Scott back together

While Caitlyn would like to see them back together she recognises it’s completely their choice, and that some of her other children, including Kylie and Brandon, also split from their partners after welcoming children together.

And of course, Caitlyn has welcomed children with three different women and split from them all, including Kylie and Kendall’s mum Kris.

She added to Entertainment Tonight : “So many of [my kids] had never gotten married, but had families and all the kids seem to be doing great. They’re just great kids.

“Kourtney and Scott are both good parents. Whether they work it out themselves for a lasting relationship, I don’t know. That’s a Kourtney question.”

They split in 2015

Amid fans’ hopes, Scott’s ex Sofia Richie recently dropped a huge hint that they’d gotten back together after splitting in May.

In one of Sofia’s latest Instagram stories, she was seen modelling a pair of Vans trainers while sitting on the steps inside a plush looking garden.

She was doing her thing when Scott’s pet sausage dog Hershula runs up to join her.

Little Hersh is clearly a big Sofia fan and ran straight over to get scratches and snuggles.

Scott has had a tough time this year.

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They’ve got three kids together

As well as the break up, he also headed back to rehab to deal with his past traumas only to furiously leave when a picture of him inside the facility was leaked online.

A trailer for the new episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians hinted that Scott knew exactly who was behind the leak.

In the short clip, a furious Scott says: “There couldn’t have been a bigger betrayal – she leaked me being there to the press.”

During a videocall with Kris, Kim, Khloe and Rob, he then adds: “I don’t trust anybody here.”


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