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New Oscar rules could turn Hollywood films into reality TV on the silver screen


Films will have to abide by new diversity rules to stand a chance of winning an Oscar from now on.

The decision by organisers has sparked a backlash from actors who have called them out for “being so woke it’s a joke”.

Kirsty Alley, who has never actually been in an Oscar-nominated movie, tweeted: “This is a disgrace to artists everywhere. Can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his f***ing paintings. You people have lost your minds”.

And James Woods – who has been nominated twice – fumed it was “madness”. Then again he is a Donald Trump supporter so I’m not sure if he knows the meaning of that word.

Melanie Blake thinks Hollywood’s new diversity guidelines are a “woke joke”

It’s clear the Oscars have needed a good shake-up as they have been dominated by white middle-aged men and mostly from a privileged background.

I know how hard it is to crack the business. The fact that I made it as a successful agent, author, producer and playwright – despite being dyslexic, having no formal qualifications and having once been so poor I was homeless – makes me a rarity.

So I wholeheartedly salute a change in off-screen diversity to give everyone a chance.

But the recent obsession with also controlling who now gets to play certain roles on screen is sticking in my throat.

Surely the point of acting is acting. Isn’t the movie industry meant to be the world of make believe?

If everyone now has to be the same as the part they are playing, isn’t that just reality TV on the silver screen?

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The way things are going, will we ever witness wonderous Oscar winning performances like Daniel Day Lewis stretched to his limits in My Left Foot? And would Jodie Foster, as a lesbian, have been allowed to play a heterosexual rape victim in The Accused?

‘Woke’ seems to have so many double standards. For example it’s now considered wrong for a straight actor to play a gay role but a gay actor can play a straight one. Where is the sense in that?

Shouldn’t it always be the best person for the best role? Do we need to tick every box like for like? Acting is just acting, it’s meant to be realistic, not actually real.

If things don’t calm down, we’ll be in big trouble if they ever remake The Silence of the Lambs!


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