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Ryan Thomas laughs off confusion over looking more like Adam’s twin than Scott


You can’t help but love the cheeky Thomas brothers.

Big brother Ryan, 36, and twins Adam and Scott, 32, are all famous in their own right, and they’re each as handsome and charismatic as each other.

But the one confusing thing about them is that former Coronation Street star Ryan and ex-Emmerdale actor Adam look more like twins than Adam and his actual twin, former Love Island star Scott, do.

We couldn’t help but bring it up during our exclusive chat with Ryan as he teamed up with WaterWipes to host an honest parenting chat on their Instagram page tonight.

When asked how he and Adam look more alike than Adam and Scott, Ryan laughed: “I don’t know, you know!

Ryan, Adam and Scott filmed Mancs in Mumbai with dad Dougie

“We do get it a lot. Scott is 6ft… they’re both taller than me, I’m the little big brother, but the height comes into it.

“If anything, for the twins I think it’s great that they don’t look alike. I don’t think you want to look like your twin, you want to have your own identity.

“I’ll take one for the team and be his twin! I think it’s great for Adam and Scott not to be seen as twins – they’re completely different.

“I get it a lot, people in the street stop me and think I’m Adam and I say, ‘No, that’s my brother’.

“There are worse things to be called, I’m very proud… I’d prefer to look like Scott though.”

Ryan is big brother to twins Adam and Scott

Ryan often gets mistaken for Adam

The boys recently teamed up with their dad Dougie to film ITV show Absolutely India: Mancs In Mumbai.

They explored the country and their family roots, meeting relatives they never knew existed and dealing with their own issues, including the years their father was absent from their lives.

They’d love to get another series, but at the moment, with the rules surrounding travel constantly changing due to the coronavirus pandemic, things are up in the air.

No matter what happens, Ryan says the show is the project he and his siblings are most proud of.

He told us: “It’s so nice getting recognition for your work but I think me and my brothers are proud of this more than anything else.

You can’t help but love the Thomas brothers
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“We went on this family holiday to delve into our history with our dad, who we don’t get to spend any time with, and go to a country and find relatives you never knew existed. And to share that with people was amazing.

“We delved into our personal upbringing too, it wasn’t supposed to happen but it did in a natural way and we got everything out in the open and it was really a breath of fresh air.

“When people stop you in the street to say they loved that show that’s the one thing I’m most proud of because it’s real and heartfelt and warm.”

He added: “People say they’ve watched it and it’s changed their life with their family and that’s so nice. A lot of people come from broken families and it’s good to talk about it.

Ryan has teamed up with WaterWipes for an honest parenting chat

Ryan and Lucy welcomed baby Roman in March

“There’s no stone unturned with our family and we say it like it is and we’ve shared it in the nicest possible way and ITV did a great job of putting that together and making it look beautiful.”

Ryan, who is dad to Scarlett, 11, from his previous relationship with Tina O’Brien, and to Roman, who he welcomed in March with fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh will be chatting about parenthood on Instagram tonight.

The couple take a very open and honest approach to social media when posting about their son, and Ryan has plenty of advice to pass along.

* WaterWipes is proud to partner Ryan Thomas. This Thursday 10th September at 5pm, Ryan will join Dr Stephanie Ooi on the WaterWipes Instagram page to ‘Ask the GP’. For more information visit @WaterWipes on Instagram


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