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Katie Price unveils gruesome ‘Cornish pasty’ feet during painful stitch removal


The true extent of Katie Price ‘s injuries have been exposed in a grim video shared to her YouTube page.

Katie, 42, was filmed at the hospital having thick black stitches removed from her bruised and broken feet, which she has compared to Cornish pasties and a scene from horror movie Saw.

“I’m not looking forward to it. I know I’m gonna hurt. I know I’m gonna cry,” a fearful Katie warned ahead of the appointment.

After boyfriend Carl Woods wheeled her into the treatment room, Katie was helped onto the bed where she showed off her bare feet in full for the first time.

Katie Price clutched onto boyfriend Carl Woods as the nurse set to work

Katie looked like she was going to pass out from the pain

The mum-of-five has been left with stitches stretching from the soles of her feet up to her ankles following extensive surgery to repair her broken bones.

As the nurse plucked at each stitch, Katie screamed in agony and clutched at beau Carl for support.

But after one foot was complete, Katie had to go through the same trauma on the right side after breaking both her feet in the horror fall.

The former glamour model was almost left paralysed when she jumped over a wall in Turkey – not realising there was a 25ft drop at the other side.

She faced accusations that she was lying when she first showed a picture of her feet wrapped in bandages.

Katie said her feet looked like ‘Cornish pasties’

Before the op, Katie said her feet were the only part of her that she hadn’t had surgery on

Some people suggested the My Crazy Life star had actually been getting her bunions done and was faking the injury to cover it all up.

But Katie was happy to confirm in her candid video that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A shocking image shows Katie’s foot stitched up with a monster scar running almost the entire length of it into an L shape.

Carl was on hand to offer his support

The severity of Katie’s injuries mean that while her feet may recover, she could end up scarred for life.

Before her accident, Katie was proud of the fact that her feet were the only part of her body she hadn’t had surgery on.

Now, the devastated star says her feet look like Cornish pasties.

Katie winced and cried throughout the procedure

She told The Sun : “They said it was a hairline fracture but if you saw my X-rays, it’s like my whole foot was rotated around the ball of my foot. It’s been smashed like an egg. They’ve had to absolutely rebuild.

“They fitted me with metal plates and screws. They wanted to do keyhole surgery but when they got in they said they were so smashed up it was impossible. That’s why they had to do major surgery.”

She’s been left unable to walk for six months

Katie underwent an eight-hour operation to have the bones of her feet fused back together, and it could be as long as two hours before she’s able to walk properly again.

After being inactive for so long, her muscles will be atrophied, meaning she’ll have to learn to walk all over again.

But despite everything, Katie says she was told by doctors that she’s lucky she wasn’t left dead or paralysed by her fall.

Medics also told her they had amputated limbs before after seeing injuries like hers.

The devastated star said: “I’ve always had small, dinky, perfect princess feet but now they’re completely mangled, with the most disgusting scars along the side.”

She said they look like “something from a horror film” and that the scars make them look like “Cornish pasties”.


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