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Katie Price boasts that her sex life with Carl Woods hasn’t changed after injury


Katie Price has told that her bedroom antics with hunky BF Carl Woods haven’t slowed – despite her brutal injuries.

The 42-year-old explained that she’d attempted to vault a wall during a summer getaway to Turkey, not realising there was a 25 foot drop on the other side.

Undergoing surgery once she was back in the UK for two broken feet, Katie reckons she’s looking at two years without walking.

But despite being on the road to recovery, she’s boasted that her sex life hasn’t taken a hit.

While gushing over her dutiful fella and how well he takes care of her, Katie let slip that she can still keep Carl happy between the sheets.

Katie and Carl’s love life hasn’t slowed after her injuries

“I don’t want my boyfriend to be my carer,” she told The Sun, “but at least I can keep Carl happy in the bedroom. Nothing has changed there.”

Never one to be shy, Katie added: “I just can’t do it standing up, I have to crawl along the floor so I’m at knee height on him — he’s got no complaints!”

Katie previously told that she hadn’t appreciated the severity of her injuries – reckoning she’d be close to fully mended by the time they landed back in the UK.

She vaulted a wall – only to realise there was a 25 foot drop on the others side

Carl’s been taking care of Katie as she recovers

But it seems she’s come to terms with her injury, revealing she has a newfound appreciation for anyone who has to use a wheelchair, and that her feet her scarring looks “like something out of the Saw movie.”

Since touching back down in the UK, she’s undergone surgery and been in the care of Carl, who she called her “rock.”

What’s more, hunky Carl’s even had the stamp of approval from ex-hubbys Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler, who themselves are said to have stepped up to help in any way they can.

They confirmed their romance earlier this year

And it’s not as though she’s going to let injury dull the classic Pricey glitz and glam, as she was spotted out on a mobility scooter with a bold pink paint job.

Her family has also been on hand, rallying about her and reportedly whisking her away for a weekend in West Sussex.

It’s thought she joined little sister Sophie and mum Amy for the getaway after taking a social media detox break.


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