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Piers Morgan slams Denise Welch as a ‘dumb, deluded and dangerous Covid-denier’


Piers Morgan has branded his nemesis Denise Welch a “dumb, deluded and dangerous Covid-denier” in a ferocious Twitter rant.

Taking to Twitter, the outspoken Good Morning Britain presenter, 55, took aim ais his fellow ITV stalwart Denise.

After Denise appeared on This Morning to chat with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, it seems as though her views struck a chord for Piers, who wasted no time before hitting out at the actress.

Furious Piers wrote: “Dumb, deluded & dangerous Covid-deniers like Denise Welch need to stop being given airtime.

“Her idiotic, ill-informed ramblings – from a woman who never stops telling us that she suffers from mental illness – will cost lives by persuading people to think the virus isn’t a threat.”

Piers lashed out at Denise over her views on coronavirus

Piers’ fuming rant came as Denise gave her thoughts on the government’s strategy towards the disease.

But when she explained her views on the handling of the virus, Eamonn accused her of causing “panic” she continued to stay firm on her stance in a heated discussion.

As Brits head back to the office for work and life slowly begins to return to normal, Denise gave her thoughts on how she thinks Boris Johnson is handling the recovery.

The GMB presenter took to Twitter to slam the actress

She claimed: “At the moment, people aren’t going in (to hospital), aren’t putting their sick relatives into hospital – it’s criminal.”

Denise then said she’d spoken to NHS staff regarding the situation, and said: “Five months ago the wonderful doctors and nurses in the NHS, no one knew about it.

“All I’m saying is we don’t need to go back to where we five months ago is surely good news?”

Denise this morning was accused of ‘creating a panic’

Denise added: “Why are we still prioritising this [ coronavirus ]?”

Her comments triggered a frustrated response from Eamonn, who accused Denise of stirring up a panic.

An unimpressed Denise then asked: “How am I causing panic, Eamonn?!”

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