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‘Yellowstone’ Recap: Multiple Duttons May Be Dead After Game-Changing Season 3 Finale


‘Yellowstone’ will never be the same after the season 3 finale. After a direct hit on the family that includes an explosion and a shoot-out, the fates of all the Duttons are on the line.

The Yellowstone season 3 finale is going to change everything. In the opening minutes of the finale, Jamie talks with his biological father. Jamie asks his Garret whether or not he has any brothers and sisters. He’s trying to find out more about his “real family.” Jamie’s biological father reveals why he killed his mother, who was a drug addict. Garret says he knew that Jamie only had one chance in this life, and it was without her in it. Garret killed Jamie’s mom and gave up his life for his son.

Garret probes Jamie with questions as well. He asks Jamie if John loves him. Jamie tells his father that he was raised to run the ranch. “I built it into what it is today,” Jamie says. Garret believes Jamie should take Yellowstone away from John. It’s not a ranch, it’s an empire. If Jamie wants the empire, he has to kill its king. Jamie tells Garret that he’s not a killer, but Garret knows that’s a lie. “Of course you’ve killed. You’re a Randall, and killing is our only gift,” he says.

Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly in the ‘Yellowstone’ season 3 finale. (Paramount Network)

Meanwhile, Monica admits to Kayce that she never sees him anymore. Monica and Tate moved to the ranch to be closer to Kayce, but now he’s never here. He opens up about his new livestock commissioner gig, and he likes it. He didn’t think he would ever like the path he’s now on.

Rip gets back from his late-night excursion with the rest of the bunkhouse. Beth doesn’t beat around the bush and asks Rip who he killed now. “Don’t ask me that, Beth,” he says. She keeps on pressing. She doesn’t want secrets, but he doesn’t think she wants to know some of the things he has to do sometimes. Beth refuses to let up and asks for a number. Rip is honest and has no idea anymore. Beth is well aware of how Rip and her father fight their battles. She’s the same way.

Beth and John arrive to meet with Jamie, Lanelle, Roarke, Willa, Rainwater, and Angela to discuss the airport. Roarke reveals the FAA has approved the airport. As the meeting continues, texts begin to come in on everyone’s phones. Willa has been accused of workplace harassment. “Take that you f**king b*tch,” Beth whispers to Willa, who quickly leaves the meeting.

Beth believes she’s power of attorney over the land, but she’s actually not. Jamie tells her that she filed the documents in Utah, and they don’t apply in Montana. Jamie is actually the legal authority for Yellowstone and approves the sale of the track for the airport. John is pissed. Jamie explains that he doesn’t sell the land, it will be condemned. John will get paid a fraction of what it’s worth, and he will lose millions on attorney fees. John asks Jamie to not condemn the land. Jamie says that’s not his call, it’s Lanelle’s call. Lanelle says it’s not about a choice now, just about options.

Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser in the ‘Yellowstone’ season 3 finale.

Rainwater and Angela bring up environmental impact since the airport is beside the river that feeds the oldest national park. Angela tells the room this will be the basis of their class-action lawsuit because this airport impacts native and park lands. Rainwater asks John to join their cause. “This land is mine, and no one can sell it but me,” John declares. Roarke taunts John, but John isn’t having it. Roarke may think he’s winning this game, but he doesn’t know the rules. When John walks out of the room, he makes it clear that he’s disappointed with Jamie. Lanelle believes that Jamie is doing all of this for his family, but he reveals that he’s doing this for himself and himself only.

On their way back from the meeting, Angela stresses to Rainwater that he has an opportunity to free the land from John and make it look like everyone else did it. She believes it is his duty to protect their land and preserve their way of life. Rainwater wants to beat them all by their own laws. Angela says that their enemies break their own rules and only hold others accountable. She explains that there are rules for slaves and masters. She believes that he’s following slave rules. However, if he wants to follow the master rules, then Rainwater would kill John and get their land back.

Meanwhile, Willa refuses to tolerate the Duttons going after her career. She won’t stand for it. On his way home, John comes across a woman and her kid on the side of the road. They have a flat tire. He stops to help.

Rip has his mother’s grave dug up and opens up her coffin. He talks to his dead mother and reveals that he’s met somebody that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He wants Beth to wear his mom’s ring, so he delicately takes the ring off his dead mother’s hand so he can give it to Beth.

Beth is cleaning out her office when her assistant walks into the room with a package for her. Beth says it’s not hers, but the assistant says it’s addressed to her. The assistant opens it up and finds another box. Beth tries to tell her not to open that box, but it’s too late. A massive explosion goes off that breaks the windows and stops the cars in the streets. Is Beth dead?! It would be hard for anyone to survive an explosion like that.

Kevin Costner
John Dutton’s life is on the line after the season 3 finale. (Paramount Network)

Kayce’s on the phone with Monica at his office when he hears shots ring out. The shooter comes into Kayce’s office and starts shooting. Kayce pulls out his gun and barricades himself against his desk. Monica is screaming for Kayce on the phone as she listens to the shoot-out. Is another Dutton down?! John is still helping the woman change her tire when a van drives up and asks if he’s John Dutton. When John says yes, the back of the van opens up and someone opens fire on John. John is shot multiple times, as well as the woman! Someone put out quite the hit on the Duttons.

As for Rip, he calls Jamie and says he can’t get in touch with anyone. Jamie tells Rip not to call him anymore. Jamie has chosen his side, and it’s not with the Duttons. A frustrated Rip gets off the phone with Jamie and sees a dying horse in a field. He shoos the vulture away. He hates killing horses, but he knows that he has to put the animal out of its misery. Rip shoots the horse and walks away. He sees more vultures circling something else in the distance.

John Dutton has managed to survive getting shot multiple times. He lies bleeding on the side of the road though. He pulls out his phone from his jacket and realizes the phone stopped a bullet that definitely would have killed him. But he’s not out of the woods yet.

All three Duttons are in very vulnerable situations at the end of season 3. Who is responsible for these hits? They are all in jeopardy, but we really need to worry about Beth and Kayce. Their fates are truly unknown at this point. If one or both of them dies, it would change Yellowstone forever. Yellowstone will return for season 4.


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