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Pakistan approves Phase III human trial of Covid-19 vaccine, ahead of India in the race

Approval of human trials of third phase of Covid vaccine in Pakistan has been approved. Volunteers from 200 different groups in Karachi have registered for the test. The test is targeted to be completed in 56 days. During this period, three men and women aged 18 years will be given three doses of the inactivated virus.

Covid vaccine is going to be tested in Pakistan

A jointly developed vaccine Ad5-nCoV of CanSinoBio and Beijing Institute of China is going to undergo human trials in Pakistan. The regulatory body Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has approved the Phase III trial. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) said that for the first time in Pakistan, the third phase of a vaccine will be human tested. Significantly, the vaccine of pharma company CanSinoBio is being tested in China, Russia, Chile, Argentina. It is expected that Saudi Arabia will also join this episode soon.

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China’s vaccine will be tested for third phase 

AJM Pharma chief Adnan Hussain signed an agreement with NIH last month for the Phase III trial of Ad5-nCoV in Pakistan. According to the agreement, the committee recommended that the vaccine be tested at Indus Hospital in Karachi. Apart from this, the vaccine is also expected to be tested in institutions like Aga Khan Hospital, Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Shifa International and UHS Lahore. On March 24, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhary formed a task force on Kovid-19. The task of leading the Kovid-19 task force was entrusted to Professor Dr. Ataurrahman.

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