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“Brahmin hu…Encounter” MLA Vijay Mishra’s daughter warns CM Yogi – No vehicle should be overturned like Vikas Dubey

Bhadohi MLA Vijay Mishra arrest

After the arrest of Bhadohi’s famous MLA Vijay Mishra, his daughter Reema Mishra has surfaced. Reema said that the police brought my father to the right safe court. There should not be a fake encounter like Vikas Dubey. He feared that anything could happen to my father. Said that this time the vehicle should not overturn. 

Reema Mishra appeared shortly after the arrest of MLA Vijay Mishra from Gyanpur in Bhadohi on Friday. Reema said that a petition for anticipatory bail for her mother was filed in the court. Meanwhile, someone told that my father has been arrested in MP. 

Reema said that I am not in a position to argue with the police at this time. I just want to ask him, whose custody is my father there. Are you in the custody of UP Police How both the police have coordinated. Reema said that I only want to tell the police that my father should be brought to the court safely.

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Reema appealed that the Superintendent of Police should take the entire process under her. Do not do a fake encounter like Vikas Dubey. Reema said that I have the same appeal to the UP government. If someone commits a crime, there is a court for that. Please do not fake an encounter. This time no vehicle should be overturned. 

Earlier on Friday morning, the SP informed the media about the arrest of the MLA in MP’s Agar Malwa district. According to the SP, the police team from Bhadohi has left to take the MLA in his custody. Two days ago, the MLA had feared his encounter. His MLC wife Ramlali Mishra has also gone missing since Thursday night. 

MLA Vijay Mishra was imposed Gunda Act recently. The MLA, his wife Ramlali Mishra and son Vishnu Mishra were then sued by neighboring Krishnamohan Tiwari. The three were charged with assault and possession of a house. Since the case was filed on August 8, the investigation and search of the three were taking place. 

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