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Bhoomi Poojan in Ayodhya: A picture of Lord Ram and the temple will be seen in New York’s Times Square on August 5

Organizers say that people of the Indian community will also gather on Times Square on August 5 to celebrate and distribute sweets.

Ram Mandir bhumi poojan will be celebrated at New York Times square

New York : Three-dimensional image of Lord Rama and the grand Ram Temple will be displayed on a huge billboard in Times Square, New York, on the occasion of Bhoomi Poojan of the Ram Temple on August 5 in Ayodhya. The organizers say that this will be a unique event of its kind to cherish this historical moment.

America India Public Affairs Committee Chairman Jagdish Sehwani said on Wednesday that preparations are being made to celebrate the historic moment in New York on August 5 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will perform Bhoomi Pujan for the construction of the temple in Ayodhya.

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Sevhani said that in addition to the huge Nasdaq screen, 3D photographs will be displayed on 17,000 sq ft LED screen.

‘Jai Shri Ram’ will be displayed in Hindi and English from 8 am to 10 pm on August 5 and pictures and videos of Lord Rama, 3D pictures of the temple structure and the foundation stone laying by Prime Minister Modi were displayed on several hoardings. Will go This bill board on Times Square is one of the largest and attractive bill boards in the world and is very popular among tourists.

Sevhani said that people of the Indian community will also gather on Times Square on August 5 to celebrate and distribute sweets. He said, “This is not an event occurring once in a lifetime or a century. It is a phenomenon occurring once in the lifetime of mankind. We want to celebrate it as a celebration and there cannot be a better place than Times Square to celebrate the Ram Janmabhoomi Foundation. ” He said that on August 5, Times Square would be filled with pictures of Lord Ram.

Sevhani said, “Ram temple construction under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi is like the dreams of Hindus all over the world come true. Six years ago we did not think that such a day would come. But this day has come under Modi’s leadership and we want to celebrate it in a proper way. “

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