ATM of State Bank of India Bombed by Dynamite in Madhya Pradesh and Rs 22 lakh looted

Panna Madhya Pradesh, ATM bombed with dynamite

In Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district, miscreants stole 22 lakh rupees by bombing State Bank of India ATM. Under the Simaria police station, on Saturday, Sunday, two unknown masked guards at the Simariya State Bank ATM took the guard hostage.
By arresting the guards, the thieves blew the ATM with dynamite and escaped by looting about Rs 22 lakh kept in it. 

Guard at the ATM Sukhvindra Chaudhary said that at night, when he was inside after shutting down the shutter of the ATM, at the same time, two masked miscreants from black pulsar bike tried to open the shutter.

The guard said that due to lack of lock inside, I tied the shutter with the help of a skull. As soon as he felt that someone was trying to open the shutter from outside, he immediately tried to dial 100 number from the mobile. But at the same time the shutter opened and both masked came inside. One of them miscreants took the guards captive, and the other man blasted the dynamite at the ATM. He then escaped by withdrawing Rs 22 lakh kept in the ATM. Later the guard informed the police and the police team rushed to the spot and started searching for unknown miscreants.

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In relation to the incident, SP Mayank Awasthi said that according to the information given by the bank, Rs 22 to 23 lakh were kept in the ATM. Those who were robbed, the crooks escaped. On getting the information, the top officials of the district also reached the spot. The police have blocked the boundaries. Apart from this, CCTV footage is also being investigated.

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