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Hot : German Athlete Alica Schmidt is known as “sexiest track athlete in the world” know her incredible story in sexy pictures

German Athlete Alica Schmidt life story ini hot pictures

German athlete Alica Schmidt has achieved a huge amount in her 21 years. An accomplished hurdler and Olympian relay racer, she has taken the world by storm with her talent and incredible determination.

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But that’s not the only thing about her that has gained the attention of the world.

Much of the press Schmidt receives focuses on her physical appearance rather than her athletic ability—and this has led to some unique challenges and opportunities along her journey.

Let’s take a look at Schmidt’s incredible rise to fame.

World's Sexiest Athlete' Alica Schmidt returns to training after ...

Alica Schmidt was born in Germany on December 27 1998, in a small town in the west of the country, called Worms.

She was raised there by her parents, who gave her a pretty normal childhood and loving upbringing. Alica Schmidt | The Most Beautiful Athlete In The World

However, even as a child, it was clear that Schmidt was no normal girl — she had a unique talent that would one day capture the hearts of many.

And it wouldn’t just be her sporting prowess that would gain her worldwide fame.

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Schmidt got her first big break in her athletics career in 2017. She was selected to be on the German national team, representing the country at the 2017 European Under 20 Championships.

Not only did this increase Schmidt’s experience and give her a chance to win some trophies, it also widened her exposure worldwide.

German Track Star Alica Schmidt Dubbed The Sexiest Athlete In The ...

Every athlete dreams of competing on an international level, but for Schmidt, this dream was now a reality.

Schmidt’s performance turned out to be quite a success, and opened new doors for her in more ways than one…

Alicia Schmidt: Top Hot, Sexy, Gorgeous Photos of German Athlete ...

Schmidt took her place on the team as part of the 4×400 relay race. There were three other athletes competing with her on the team — Vanessa Aniteye, Meike Gerlach, and Corinna Schwab — and together they were ready to bring glory to their home country.

And their perseverance paid off — Schmidt’s team went home with the silver medal, bringing the second-highest honor back to Germany.

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This huge success brought new interest in Schmidt from across the world — but she wasn’t sure she was so happy about some of the attention she received.

The fact was, that even though Schmidt had achieved greatness at such a young age, representing her country alongside her team, people were focusing on something entirely different than her Olympian feats.

A huge amount of press coverage and airtime was given not to Schmidt’s athletic prowess, but rather to her looks.

Olympian Alica Schmidt has been crowned as the World's Sexiest ...

Schmidt is undoubtedly a true beauty, and magazines and newspapers across the world were fixated on her long legs and flowing blonde hair.

Schmidt must have been appalled — after all the honor she had brought to her country, this is what people were interested in?

Alica Schmidt | Fashion, Women, Model

The fixation on Schmidt’s physical appearance only continued to intensify.

In 2017, a website called Busted Coverage named her the “World’s Hottest Track Athlete”.

This brought Schmidt, already a celebrity in her home country of Germany, a new level of fame across the United States.

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This was somewhat of an double-edged sword — of course, it’s nice to be complimented on your looks, but it was strange for Schmidt to be presented as an object of beauty when her mission was to achieve sporting excellence.

Despite the unexpected attention, Schmidt didn’t let this distract her from her ambition, and continued to build up experience in sporting championships and winning more competitions.

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After the Olympic success, Schmidt went on to compete in 200, 400, and 800-meter races.

She also began competing in hurdles, finding her skill there almost eclipsed her talent as a sprinter.

Statuesque German track athlete Alica Schmidt : FitAndNatural

As Schmidt’s fame and reputation continued to spread, she found new opportunities started presenting themselves to her.

But even she wasn’t prepared for the attention that would come.

Alica Schmidt - German track star & 'World's Sexiest Athlete ...

In 2018, Schmidt competed in a hurdling championship for the first time.

Running in the 400-meter hurdles in the German Championships, she finished in a very respectable 5th place, an amazing achievement for one so young.

World's Sexiest Athlete' Alica Schmidt returns to training after a ...

“I am very happy with the result,” Schmidt said to German magazine Loox.

However, ever the perfectionist, Schmidt was aware that she had missed her personal best—by one inch!

Atlet Terseksi di Dunia, Alica Schmidt Akhirnya Kembali Latihan di ...

Always striving for more, Schmidt admitted that she was still keen to continue to break her own records.

As Schmidt’s star continued to grow, both on and off the track, it wasn’t just within the press that she started getting worldwide attention.

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Schmidt also has her own personal Instagram channel, and she was receiving more and more followers every day, keen to see another side to the talented — and beautiful — Olympian athlete.

Here was a way for Schmidt to engage with her fans — and to choose herself what sort of content would be out in the world for people to read about her.

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As well as wanting an insight into her as a person, Schmidt’s fans also subscribed to her channel in the hope that she would share some of her health and fitness tips.

After all, as a star athlete, she probably knows a thing or two about exercise and nutrition!

The more popularity her Instagram gained; the more companies reached out to Schmidt to ask her to promote their products.

19 y/o German track athlete Alica Schmidt : goddesses

But she had no idea just how major her next offer was going to be…

Used to getting requests from health and fitness companies to promote their products, Schmidt was not fazed by the multiple endorsement offers.

But this next one was a huge surprise.

The Sexiest Athlete in the World ▷ Alica Schmidt - Super Hot ...

She received a request from the famous Playboy magazine, asking if she would like to appear in one of their features.

Playboy is famous for highlighting up-and-coming personalities on the cusp of stardom, and helping propel them into true celebrity status.

Alica Schmidt Hot Poster — Celeb Lives

This was a huge opportunity for Schmidt — but she had to ask herself, is this really the route she wanted to take?

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