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Instagram’s Reels Feature – how to use Instagram’s reel feature

Instagram launched reel feature to replace Tiktok

The reels feature of Instagram works like a Tiktok . In this too, users can create and share a 15-second video. Also you can apply it on Instagram story.

After banning tick talk in India, users are now looking for an alternative. Actually many Indian apps have also replaced Tiktok . At the same time, Instagram has launched new service reels as a new alternative to Tiktok . The testing of the reels was being done for a long time, while it has now been launched in India.

Will not have to download another app

Reels users will only get inside Instagram. To use it, you do not have to download any app separately. At present, this special feature is available only in select countries of the world and India is included in these countries.

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How does work

This special feature of Instagram works like Tiktok. In this too, users can make 15 second videos. You can change the background of the video. You can manage the speed of videos like Tiktok . Duets can also be done in the reels like Tiktok . Reels can not only put videos on users Insta Story but can also sand their friends.

Facebook is going to shut down Lasso

Facebook is going to close its app like TikTok Lasso. Facebook launched it in the year 2018. Now Facebook has announced to close it on 10 July. Facebook has advised its users to secure data. The app was available in Colombia, US, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Uruguay and Ecuador.

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