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Big action of Yogi Sarkar: DIG of STF Anand dev transferred, was accused of not taking action on Vikas Dubey

Yogi government : STF DIG Anant Dev transferred

In the Kanpur case, on Tuesday, the Yogi government took another action and transferred STF DIG Anant Dev. Four IPS officers including Anant Dev have been transferred. Anant Dev’s name came in the Kanpur encounter. He is accused of not taking any action against Vikas Dubey despite CO Devinder Singh’s complaint. 

Anant Dev has been transferred from Lucknow STF and sent to Moradabad. He has been given the responsibility of Deputy Inspector General of Police in PAC there. Apart from Anant Dev, the IPS officers who have been transferred are Amit Pathak, Prabhakar Chaudhary and Sudhir Kumar Singh. IPS Amit Pathak has been made the SSP of Varanasi. He was currently posted in Moradabad. Along with this, Varanasi SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary has been transferred to Moradabad. Sudhir Kumar Singh has been made STF SSP. He was posted at PAC Agra. 

After the brutal killing of eight policemen in Bikaru village, the layers of friendship between Vikas Dubey and the police started to open up. Its heat reached Kanpur’s former SSP Anant Dev. Anant Dev was also being suspected in the IG Lucknow investigation. Martyr CO Devendra Mishra’s report against the suspended SO of Chaubepur has been found correct. Investigations have also found evidence that the report was sent to Anant Dev. He may also be questioned soon.  

On Tuesday, when IG Lucknow Laxmi Singh arrived at Bilhaur CO office, she came to know about not one, but more than half a dozen reports that Devendra Mishra had sent to the then SSP Anant Dev against SO Chaubepur Vinay Tiwari. Laxmi Singh also saw what information was contained in the reports sent against Vinay Tiwari in different cases. It was clear that in addition to History Sheeter Vikas Dubey, negligence was done by SO in some other criminal cases due to which criminals were benefited. After capturing all the reports, the IG questioned the woman soldier posted in the computer at the CO office. He said that on March 14, the CO had typed the report with him. There is no information about what he did after that. The investigation also arose from the fact that the report was pushed forward through WhatsApp or email.

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Anant Dev may be tightened

Why reports were moved forward on email and WhatsApp. The IG was informed that the lockdown was going on because of the Corona era. Due to this, the sending of correspondence in the usual manner was prohibited. This was the reason that most of the correspondence was being done through WhatsApp or email. Anant may tighten the screws on Dev after the report was sent. During the investigation, the IG even told the officers present there that what would be the condition of a CO who had to send such a report against the SHO. Despite this, if action is not being taken by senior officials, then it is the most dirty thing.

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