IAS Success Story: After MBBS, MD, Artika chose the path of IAS, the path was difficult but freshly made easy

Artika Shukla, who was always a pure science student, did not even know the ABCD of UPSC, but Artika determined that she passed this exam without coaching in the first place. Today, take some preparation tips from Artika.

Success Story of IAS Artika Shukla: 

Kashi’s artika always topped the studies. Whether it was school or college, his name used to remain in the toppers list. But such background also assumes that it does not matter how you have been a student or how your background has been. When you choose to prepare for UPSC, no matter what happens, you have to start from zero. For this, if you need something, you have to work hard with focus, focused study, even with a strong intention and with the right strategy. She does not even agree to reading 14 or 16 hours a day. She says that if there is a planned and focused study, then 4 to 5 hours a day is enough. Before getting preparation tips from Artika, a little know about them.

Artika’s family and educational background

Artika is a resident of Varanasi who shifted to Delhi for education in the later days of her career. In his house, father Brijesh Shukla who is a doctor, mother Lina Shukla who is a homemaker and two elder brothers Gaurav Shukla and Utkarsh Shukla. Both of Artika’s brothers have also passed the UPSC exam. The eldest brother Gaurav is an IAS officer who passed the UPSC examination in the year 2012. Second brother Utkarsh is also an officer in IRTS by passing UPSC.

Artika did her schooling at St. John’s School where she was always number one. After this he did MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College. Not only this, she was also selected in MD considered to be very difficult and she was doing MD from PGIMER when her elder brother Gaurav suggested to give IAS exam. Artika stopped the MD midway and started preparing for UPSC, for which she did not take any coaching but her brother helped her a lot. Artika wanted to do something directly for the people of the country, so she came into this profession. In her first attempt, Artika was selected in the year 2015 with AIR rank 04.

Preparation in only one year

Artika started preparations for UPSC in the year 2014 and she also says in her interview that one year is enough if properly prepared. They started preparing together for pre and mains. Before the pre exam, like she used to study for three hours then at that time she read only one hour for mains. Artika says that it is not very difficult to pass Pre’s aptitude test. There are questions of Maths, English etc. up to class X and this paper is qualifying, nothing like scoring in it. As far as the General Ability Test is concerned, very common questions come in it. If you have read NCERTs till class 12 and keep a close watch on the events happening around you, then you can pass this exam. Pay more attention to the topics which come in the mains only. If English is weak, then study it well. Science technology, Read Current Affairs for Environment and Ecology. Read the news paper regularly and solve at least 20 to 25 test papers before the pre.

Mains is deep sea

Artika says that the main turning point in the preparation of UPSC comes when it is the turn of the men, whose syllabus is as endless as the ocean. Therefore, it is important to start preparing for the same with pre, as well as constantly try to improve your answers to get good marks from the average student. Always choose the option that you can hold. Artika had chosen medical science. As far as the news paper is concerned, from the beginning to the end, Artika read the same news paper. 

The books were limited and revived after the topics were repeatedly completed from them. The subjects are given very little weightage in the examination but they are very long and time consuming. Stats come a lot in GS One and for the book of GS Two, Artika says that whatever book you are reading, finish it at the time of pre. The PRS website, PIB and scheme are very important. ARC and Economic Survey are very important topics. NCERT is essential for basics and keep an eye on the topics related to space and satellites, they increase the score.

Artika’s advice

So far, we have talked about the preparation strategy, now we come to some inspirational words. Artika says watch the toppers’ interview but follow their advice accordingly. This exam is more a test of your personality, your personality than your knowledge. Therefore, do not lose yourself at the time of its preparation. At the time of preparation, many times you will feel scared, it will feel bad that why can you leave a good life and jumped into it, but do not panic. It is quite normal. When there is fear, there is panic, only then you are motivated to do more good and you get success. Forget any Mains paper, forget it and put it to life in the next paper.

Now come to the interview. It is very important to have confidence in interview. If there is no answer, then please say sorry without worrying about it. Your knowledge is not tested in the interview because you are there only then you have reached there. Here is your personality test, focus on it. If you want, you can also join some mock interviews.

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