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Diya mirza lashes out Sambit patra over his tweet on kashmiri man death

On the tweet of BJP party spokesperson Sambit Patra, actress Dia Mirza wrote, “Do you have any sympathy left?” After this, there was a Twitter war between Dia and Sambit.

A 60-year-old civilian has died in cross-firing between security forces and militants in Sopore, Kashmir. Some disturbing pictures of this man are becoming viral on social media, in which the grandson of this person can be seen sitting on the dead body of his grandfather. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has also made a controversial comment on this picture, after which a Twitter war between actress Dia Mirza and Sambit Patra was also seen.

Actually, Sambit shared this picture and tweeted- Pultizar lovers? After this tweet by Sambit, many people have given negative reaction to his tweet. Actress Dia Mirza wrote, Do you have any sensations left in you? The same director Hansal Mehta wrote, “This human being is a spokesperson of a national party but in reality is just a troll and one should report such a person.”

After this, Sambit also responded to Dia Mirza and said that yes, Madam, I have condolences. For your army. For every Indian citizen, irrespective of their religion, our sensations like yours are not selective. Remember I am not a selective placard holder. I am your fan and I would like to see you hold a placard in your hand condemning Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

Diya also responded to Sambit’s tweet and said, “Senses are never selective.” You either have them or you don’t. No child should go through such pain and horrors as has happened to this child. Stop doing your politics and I will give you my support. Whether I have placard or not.

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It is believed that this tweet by Sambit was a derision for the journalists who received the Pulitzer prize in the year 2020. After the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, these journalists had released many photographs about the situation there and they won the prestigious Pultitzer Award 2020 in feature photography for their poignant photographs.

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