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Paytm’s advertisement on PM Modi’s YouTube channel …. China’s Alibaba’s money is involved in this!

Former corporate editor of Prabhat Khabar, former executive editor of Dainik Bhaskar, former resident editor of Amar Ujala, Rajendra Tiwari take a big aim in minimal terms.

On PM Modi’s mind, he wrote- Paytm’s advertisement on Modi ji’s YouTube channel …. Alibaba’s money has been invested in it!

Actually, China is not only trying to infiltrate the border, it has infiltrated the country’s market.

Not only this, we do not even know exactly where China has infiltrated the market?

Surprisingly, before the year 2014, the Swadeshi movement, in which Narendra Modi was raising his voice, by breaking the same indigenous spirit in one corner, PM Medi made a great friendship with China, swinging it, coconut water Welted, grand welcome in India, result? The country is watching!

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Replying to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi about the circumstances from 1962 till now, Amit Shah says that – he is not afraid of discussion. Rahul Gandhi should come to Parliament and give a hand to the situation from 1962 till now!

If they know so much about China, then why are China being called a fraud? Did China strike friendship since 1962? No, then why has the PM Modi government continued to increase friendship with China since 2014?

The result of the same friendship is that in every corner of the country, the signs of China are seen, the presence of China in the market is visible everywhere!

No other government has given such a big blow to the Swadeshi movement, as much as the PM Modi government has given?

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