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Anmol Narang became the first Sikh woman to graduate from the US Military Academy

Anmol Narang the first Sikh woman graduated from US military academy

In today’s time, there are many such girls who are increasing the pride of India not only in the country but also abroad. Have once again done something like this, Anmol Narang. Anmol Narang of Indian origin has become the first Sikh lieutenant to graduate from the American Military Academy. Anmol, a 23-year-old Indian-American Sikh woman, has created a new history by breaking old chains, which is a matter of pride for India.

Anmol was born and raised in Roswell, Georgia. She did her graduation from Georgia Institute of Technology, after which she went to West Point. At the same time, he graduated in nuclear engineering on Saturday. She wants to pursue a career in the air defense system from the beginning, in which her family gave her full support.

This is the first time that a non-American woman has obtained the degree of American Military Academy. Anmol had said, I am excited and honored to fulfill my dream of graduating from West Point on Saturday.

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Apart from this, apartheid had a great influence in the US Army since 1925, due to which the lower or Indian people had barely entry into it. But now Narang has joined the US military and has brightened the name of the country. Anmol will go to Okinawa, Japan after completing the Basic Officer Leadership Course in Oklahoma.

Anmol’s grandfather was a soldier in the Indian Army, seeing that Anmol wished to join the army. Because his family shifted to America many years ago, he decided to join the US military.

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