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Video : Divya Khosla, wife of Bhushan Kumar, hit back at Sonu Nigam, What your wife said about you another day?

Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, there is a big debate about nepotism. Sonu Nigam shared a video a few days ago about the mafia of the music industry. He had made many allegations against Bhushan Kumar. On Sonu Nigam’s allegations, Divya Khosla Kumar, wife of Bhushan Kumar, has shared a video and replied to everything about Sonu.

As soon as the video starts, Divya says, ‘For a few days, Sonu Nigam has been running a campaign against the GT series and Bhushan Kumar. Let me tell you that the T series has given opportunity to many new people including actors, singers, musicians, directors. I myself gave a chance to 10 new people in my film Yaariyan, in which 4 people Neha Kakkar, Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet and Composer Arco are big stars today.

I want to ask Sonu Nigam ji that if you are a very big artist, then you have helped many people. You have never come to the T series that this newcomer has talent, you launch them. It is very easy to speak behind the camera, but how much talent did you give to the industry, whereas 97 percent of the people working in the T series were outsiders. We give a chance to everyone.

The second thing that you said in the video is that Bhushan ji came to you and he said that brother please introduce me to Balasaheb Thackeray, Smita Thackeray. Now let me tell you that Sonu Nigam himself used to sing in Delhi’s Ramlila for 5 rupees. From there Gulshan Kumar ji spotted him, gave him a flight ticket to Mumbai and told him that I will make you a very big star. Tell Sonu Nigam, whether this was said to you or not. Gulshan ji took you to such a high level and what did you do.

Divya then called her cook in the middle of the video and asked him to tell about Sonu. Cook says, ‘Gulshan ji brought Sonu Nigam. Then Sonu Nigam had nothing. Sahab had given him a lot of work and whatever Sonu ji is today is because of Gulshan ji ‘.

Describing the time of Gulshan Kumar’s death, Divya said, “When Gulshan ji passed away, Sonu ji joined another music company. After this, Bhushan went and asked for his help that please make an album for me. Then he did the album and also showed him favor.

Divya further said, Sonu ji said in his video that Bhushan ji came to him and said that please save me from Abu Salem. Now I want to ask you, Sonu Nigam, why did he come to you to ask for help to escape from Abu Salem. Please check whether Sonu Nigam had a relationship with Abu Salem? 

Sonu ji said that Bhushan was accused by a girl of metoo, but the mafia suppressed this. I want to tell you one thing that Sonu Nigam Ji’s #metoo movement was a good movement through which the bad people of the society can be eliminated. But people used this movement very wrongly to blackmail. The police investigated and it was clear that it was just a case of blackmail. The police asked us if you had to file a defamation case, but we refused. We refused to do all this because we did not want to say anything in the media about a girl.

Divya further says, Sonu Nigam ji, you will tell what is the #metoo movement. Should I accuse you of mitu? If I say you are a meatu rapist, what will you become a #metoo rapist?

Speak thoughtfully as you speak in the video. After that video of yours, many girls are calling us and saying that either you give us work or else we will accuse you. Why are only girls blackmailing us? 

Divya finally says I did not want to make this video. Bhushan ji refused me, but I had to make up because after your video I am threatening to kill my husband, my child. Not only this, I am also receiving rape threats.

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