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Panipat- Muslim youth meditated for nine years, then converted to Hindu with 35 family members with support of Hindu yuva vahini

In Panipat, Haryana, a Muslim youth has converted to Hinduism, including family. After adopting Hinduism, the young man said that he is involved in Hinduism without any pressure, the ancestors had converted under pressure during the time of Aurangzeb.

In Panipat, Haryana, a Muslim youth has converted to Hinduism. 35 other members of his family including Muslim youth have also converted to Hinduism. With the support of members of Hindu Yuva Vahini, the Muslim family has adopted Sanatana Dharma in the temple premises.

The family says that they have converted voluntarily. People of Muslim family living in Asan village of Panipat have expressed happiness after returning to Hinduism. The head of the family has done penance for 9 years in Haridwar, Guga Medi.After austerity, he has now duly returned to Hinduism. The name of the young man who converted to religion is Naseeb. Family members say that no one has put pressure on them for conversion.

All the family members duly adopted Hinduism during the yagna held at the Shiva temple in Asan village. After which they were also named. The family said that during Aurangzeb’s time, his elders had changed religion under pressure.

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Family members said that after 9 years of penance, Naseeb has returned to Sanatan Dharma along with his family. At the same time, District President of Young Hindu Corps Sunil Arya told that the family had contacted him, after which he has been duly brought back.

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