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Maharashtra government starts Rs 5000 crore deal with Chinese companies that was on hold

The Government of Maharashtra believes that to recover from the economic crisis created by Corona, it is necessary to approve this investment today.

Mumbai: The government of Mahavikas coalition of Maharashtra has given green signal to the agreement put on hold with Chinese companies. After the Indo-China border dispute and the martyrdom of our lives, the Thackeray government had put on hold a deal of 5000 crores with three Chinese companies, but due to the positive interaction and tension between the two countries, the state government has taken this project He hoped that there would be no problem in carrying forward.

State Industries Minister Subhash Desai informed, “There is a difference between the earlier situation and the situation today. We came to know this morning that the situation between the two countries is improving. We are confident that in carrying forward the economic agreement in the future There will be no problem and we will be able to take this agreement forward. “

The government believes that to recover from the economic crisis created by Corona, it is necessary to approve this investment today. Earlier, after the martyrdom of our brave soldiers on the border, the Thackeray government had put this Chinese investment of 5000 crores on hold. To overcome the economic crisis created by Corona, the Maharashtra government recently organized the Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0 Investor Meet held in Mumbai.

In this meeting, the Thackeray government of Maharashtra tied up with three Chinese companies GMW (Great Wall Motors), PMI Electro Mobility and FOTON (China), HELGI Engineering. These three companies were going to invest 5000 crores in Maharashtra. This agreement was signed on 15 June. On Tuesday, the news of the martyrdom of 20 soldiers in the India border dispute came and the Maharashtra government had immediately decided not to carry forward this agreement in the country interest.

State Industries Minister Subhash Desai had informed ABP News at the time, “All these three agreements happened before the attack on our jawans in Galvan Valley. After the martyrdom of the soldiers, we consulted the Central Government to hold this project. It has been decided. The Central Government has informed the State Government not to enter into any agreement with the Chinese companies in future, we are with the Central Government on this matter. “

According to the information, a total of 12 MOUs were signed in the online investor meet held on 15 June. Apart from China, there were companies from countries like Singapore, America, South Korea. At that time, the Thackeray government was going to pursue agreement with 9 other companies except three companies in China.

According to the information received from the government, the information of the Chinese companies with whom the agreement was signed is as follows: – 

Agreement of 3770 crore automobile plant in Pune, Talegaon with GMW (Great Wall Motors) Company.

1000 crore project with PMI Electro Mobility and Foton (China) in Talegaon, Pune.

Agreement with HELGI engineering for project of 250 crores in Talegaon, Pune.

This decision of the Thackeray government is coming after an all-party meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this meeting, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had expressed confidence in the Prime Minister that he and the whole country are with him. Uddhav Thackeray had said, “India wants peace. It does not mean that we are weak. India is strong, not forced. Our government has the ability to give a face to the answer. We are all one. We are with the government. We are with the Prime Minister. We are standing with our jawans and their families. “

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To siege China’s economic front, Chinese goods are being boycotted from every corner of the country. Be it Chinese goods or Chinese companies, everybody’s country is being expelled. At the same time, the opposition of the Thackeray government is saying yes and no and now again the opposition is saying U-turn.

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