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Bhushan Kumar’s wife lashes out at Sonu Nigam, we gave you break, now speaking for publicity

Veteran playback singer Sonu Nigam in one of his videos described T-series owner Bhushan Kumar as the mafia of the music industry. Also warned not to mess with them. The reaction of Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar has come to light. Divya has written many things about Sonu Nigam in her Insta story and called him a ‘Thankless’ person.

Divya wrote in her Insta story, “Today everything depends on who can run a good campaign. I am also seeing how people are selling lies and frauds through their strong campaigns. People like Sonu Nigam Know that you have to play with people’s minds. May God save our work. “

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He wrote, “Sonu Nigam GT-Series gave you a break in the industry … took you so far … If you were so happy, why didn’t you speak before Bhushan … Why are you doing it for publicity today … I have directed so many videos of your father for which he was always so thankful. But some people are thankless. ” Divya Khosla gave a hash tag at the end of her post, writing, ‘Achcha sila diya muene pyar ka’

It may be known that recently Sonu Nigam posted a video in which he said, “He is a mafia, he will do the tricks of the mafia. He has a habit. So he has asked 6 great people to give interviews against me. I did not name anyone, but my name is being taken. “

Sonu Nigam had said this

After talking about Bhushan Kumar, Sonu said, “Bhushan Kumar, now I have to take your name and now you are worthy of ‘Tu’. You have screwed with the wrong man. Understood. You forgot Gone is the time when you come to my house ‘Bhai do my album, Bhai Dewana kar Do, Bhai introduce me to Sahara Shri, introduce me to Smita Thackeray, introduce me to Bhai Bal Thackeray, save brother from Abu Salem, remember Is it not? Save Abu Salem, brother Abu Salem is abusing. Do you remember all these things or not? I am telling you, now you just do not mind me. “

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