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TV actress Chahat Pandey in jail for fighting with aunt

Damoh TV actress Chahat Pandey and her mother have been arrested by Damoh Police and sent to jail.

Let me tell you that Chahat and his mother are accused of entering into the maternal uncle’s house and assaulting him.

Actually, it is alleged that both have not only vandalized the maternal uncle’s house, but also assaulted him. After the arrest, the police produced the Damoh court on Wednesday evening, after which the mother and daughter were sent to jail. Chahat’s mother is accused of threatening and abusing her brother’s house a week ago, after which the police registered a case.

The actress and her mother were on the run since the incident. At the same time, once again on Tuesday night, Chahat and his mother have again entered the maternal uncle’s house. The police arrested both on Wednesday. At the same time, 2 minor brothers of actress Chahat Pandey are also involved in this incident. The CGM court has not sent the minor brothers to jail giving relief.

Actress Chahat Pandey, her mother and 2 minor brothers once again reached the house of maternal uncle Tanush Parashar, during which Chahat also broke CCTV cameras. The entire incident has been captured by the victim side in mobile. Mama presented the same evidence in front of the police, when the mother-daughter was arrested. Mami has filed an FIR against the mother-daughter for the second time. Actually, Chahat Pandey’s maternal uncle has no children.

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They have adopted someone else. Chahat’s mother wants her brothers to adopt their children.

Significantly, the mother of Chahat feels that due to the adoption of the second child, all the property of the brother will be his. Chahat Pandey is a TV artist. She has worked in Tenaliram, Radha Krishna, Savdhaan India and Naagin 2 TV Serial. Due to the lockdown, Chahat is staying at the house in Damoh. A few days ago Chahat was also in the headlines due to disputes with his partner Heer Chaupra.

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