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Disclosure of cruelty to Indian soldiers, deep wounds found in post mortem of dead bodies

 Big revelations have been revealed on 20 Indian soldiers who were killed in a clash with Chinese soldiers. In the post-mortem of 20 dead bodies performed at a hospital in Leh, the matter of cruelty has been revealed with the soldiers. According to the report, traces of sharp wounds have been found on his body. Hypothermia and excision have also been reported to be the cause of death of some jawans.

Officials said that there were marks of sharp wounds on the faces and other limbs of some soldiers. His statement confirms the brutality of Chinese soldiers against Indian soldiers. It was being told in the reports that the Chinese army used a wedge rod during the conflict in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh. Officials said that there were marks of violence on the bodies of about 17 soldiers.

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Confirmation of deep wounds on dead bodies of Indian soldiers

Initial reports have revealed that there were no traces of wounds on the bodies of three other Indian soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu. However, deep bruises were found on his head. Officers present in the hospital and army base were instructed not to take photographs of the dead bodies. It is said that three soldiers died due to drowning in the river. While the other soldiers died due to serious injuries. Evidence of the brutality of Chinese soldiers is also revealed by the bodies of three soldiers.

Knife and pointy nail exposed

An official said on the condition of anonymity that it was difficult to identify their faces. He did not rule out the insertion of the knife and pointed nail. Because Chinese soldiers were keeping knives with them. Some of the jawans died from falling in the river, while some died due to suffocation. The Galvan valley is at an altitude of 14 thousand feet above the sea level. Due to which the temperature here is close to zero degree.

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