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Tiktok video of former Nepal princess and her daughter goes viral

Kathmandu  The Tiktok video has reached the former royal family of Nepal as well. A tick-talk video of former Nepal princess Himani Shah and her two daughters dancing to a Nepali song has gone viral. Himani has appeared on tick-talk for the first time. His daughter Purnika has recently created her tick-talk account under the name My Republica. Himani is the wife of former crown prince Paras, the then heir of the Nepali throne.

In the India-born Himani video, she is seen dancing with her daughters Purnika and Kritika on the Nepali song ‘Gurus Ko Fed Muni’. Himani is currently stuck in Thailand due to a ban on global travel to control the corona virus epidemic. She went to meet her daughters who are getting higher education there. 43-year-old Himani in black dress is seen dancing with her daughters step by step.

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This video was uploaded by Purnika on Tick Talk account on Monday and now it has gone viral among Nepalese. Purnika wrote with the video, “We got it from our mother. We are honestly saying that our mother is special. ” By Tuesday morning, 17 thousand people have liked this video of Purnika, while about one thousand people have commented. At the same time, about 1,800 people have shared the video. Former Crown Prince Paras Shah, present in Nepal, also shared the video and wrote, ‘My family

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