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Anurag Kashyap becomes Tiktok star, daughter shared funny videos

While sharing the videos, Alia Kashyap wrote in the caption – Father is really enjoying himself. While sharing the other video, Alia wrote – My father wants to do it in his style.

Everyone knows that Anurag Kashyap is a wonderful filmmaker, but when he was seen acting in films, he also proved that he is also an amazing actor. Recently, Anurag was once again seen showing his acting and dancing skills.

Anurag’s daughter Alia Kashyap is on a tick talk and has shared some videos in which her father Anurag is also seen dancing. Anurag has been seen acting in films like Akira and Ghumketu but in these tick talk videos, he is getting a completely different style.

In the videos, Anurag is following his daughter’s dance steps. At the same time, his daughter Alia is trying to stop her laughter somehow. More than seven thousand likes have come on one of his videos. While one of his videos shared on Twitter has garnered more than 30 thousand likes.

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