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Bhagalpur Bihar : Big sex racket exposed, customers used to take sex stamina drugs before using service

Sex racket

The business of jism has started as soon as it is unlocked in Bihar. Bihar Police has revealed a big sex racket. 4 girls have been arrested along with the customer in the police raid. Those with whom customers were doing wrong things by consuming powerful medicines. The police is currently arresting everyone and is engaged in further action. 

The case is of Bhagalpur, in which the business of the body was being run in a blistering manner in the eyes of the police. Here in lockdown, boyfriend and girlfriend were running sex racket with rented house. The landlord’s family was trapped in the lockdown in Delhi. Taking full advantage of this, both of them started running a sex racket.

According to the information received, police raided a house in the residential area near Adampur Chau of Jogar police station of Bhagalupar and arrested 8 people while busting a sex racket. Women and men running sex rackets were living in rented houses as husband and wife by giving their fake Aadhar card. Who was involved in the business of body.

City DSP Rajvansh Singh told that he got secret information that the body trade was going on in Jogasar police station area. On receiving the information, the police immediately raided and grabbed 4 call girls from the spot. When the police raided, many people were in objectionable position. Several objectionable items, including condoms and powerful medicines have been recovered from the room.

SSP Ashish Bharti told that in Vidya Ashram street. A big sex racket has been busted by raiding Sudhanshu Singh’s house. Those arrested include a customer and a couple running a sex racket. Girls are also freed from the business. Everyone will be counseling. Racketeer Bablu Sah alias Anil (Maroofchak) has been arrested for the third consecutive time. Police said that his alleged wife has been arrested twice.

The arrested customer is Rahul Kumar from Warsaliganj. He has a gold and silver shop in Sakrullachak. In this huge raid, the police have recovered condoms and anti-inflammatory drugs from the room. All the three girls freed from the business belong to Sevadapulli in Hooghly (West Bengal), Keetadih of Jamshedpur (East Singhbhum) and Chhoti Govindpur in Munger.

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Munger’s girl Sabour stays on rent in Babupur mode. The girl of Jamshedpur is 19 years old. Munger and Hooghly girls are around 30 years old. All three families came to this business to run. Bablu Sah and his wife are associated with the business. They have also been caught earlier.

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