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Taimur calls Kareena ‘Amma’ and sister sara ‘Gol’

Sara Ali Khan loves her brother Taimur very much. She also shares photos with Taimur. Sara once told during an interview that Taimur called them round. Sara had said, ‘Whenever Timur sees me, he calls me round. I do not know why he speaks round because now I am not round at all. 

Sara also told that Timur calls Kareena Amma, Saif as Abba and Ibrahim as brother.

Let me tell you that in an interview, Sara had said about the bonding of Saif and Taimur, ‘It feels good when the father is happy with Taimur. Along with Timur, he enjoys the Fatherhood very well. Taimur has brought happiness in his life. 

I told this thing when I was not with my father …

When Sara was asked in an interview why she does not live with her father, she said, ‘My mother has raised me since childhood. Since Ibrahim was born, he gave all his time to both of us. I have no shortage of anything. When we meet Papa we also have a good time with him.

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Sara had said, ‘Even though we do not live with Papa, he cares for us a lot. It does not seem that he stays away from us. One phone call and they are with us. ‘

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