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Amul’s account suspended for tweeting boycott of Chinese goods and provoking users

Tensions between China and India have not stopped. Amul Doodh posted a cartoon of Exit the Dragon on Twitter, after which Amul’s official Twitter account has been suspended.

Amul’s Twitter account is having an impact on the dispute between China and India. Twitter has suspended Amul’s Twitter account regarding a cartoon made on China. Social media users are creating ruckus when the account is suspended. However later the Twitter account became operational.

Amul was running a cartoon campaign against China in a comic style against social media for the past several days. A cartoon of Exit The Dragon with Amul Girl was made in which Amul Girl is seen chasing the dragon out.

Amul is also campaigning for boycott of Chinese goods. Amul’s Twitter account has been suspended due to the campaign. However, the account of @ opened later.

Amul company is also surprised by sudden Twitter account closure without any notice. GCMMF managing director RS Sodhi has also questioned in this regard with Twitter.


Twitter took action on this tweet

He said, ‘We have asked Twitter why we were not given information before blocking like this. They should have informed us. However, no response has been received by Twitter on this entire matter so far.

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The iconic Amul girl, wearing Amul’s red and white dress, is shown saving her country by fighting a dragon. The logo of the Chinese video sharing app Tick Talk is also seen behind it.


Message from twitter

In this ad, it is written in big letters that Amul is a Made in India brand. Its focus is on the self-sufficient campaign of Narendra Modi. On this post, Twitter messaged that your account is temporarily blocked. You are seeing this message because some unusual activity has occurred from this account.

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