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Seinfeld and Star Trek actor Richard Herd dies of cancer at 87

Richard Herd, known for playing Mr Wilhelm in television show Seinfeld, died of cancer at his home in Los Angeles.

Richard Herd, who played the role of Mr Wilhelm in hit television series Seinfeld, died of cancer on Tuesday. He breathed his last at his home in Los Angeles. He was 87. The late actor’s spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement to USA Today on Wednesday.

Apart from Seinfeld, the actor also appeared in several other television shows and films including Get Out, All The President’s Men, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Renegades to name a few.

Actor Jordan Peele, who worked with Herd in the 2017 film Get Out, condoled the actor’s demise on social media.

He wrote, “RIP Richard Herd. A wonderful man and a true professional. We hadn’t talked much before he arrived on set for Get Out. I asked him to think of the scene as a viagra ad trying to hide deep rage. He responded “That sounds like all Viagra ads to me!” Then he absolutely nailed it.”

Richard is survived by his wife Patricia, daughter Erica, son Rick and step-daughter Alicia.

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