Kota, Rajasthan : Son puts his own mother’s pornographic nude photos on social media over property dispute

Kota (Rajasthan). An incident embarrassing a relationship with Rajasthan has emerged between the havoc of Corona. Where a Kalyugi son took an indecent photo of his mother and went viral on social media due to a property dispute.

Police arrested son on mother’s complaint

Actually, this shameful incident happened in Dadabari police station of Kota city. The victim has filed a complaint against the son. In view of the seriousness of the case, the police has arrested the accused on the basis of technical investigation.

Mother told police

The victim said- Three days ago, the son had put some acid on me, when I opened my clothes, he secretly took my photo. The woman said that the son wants to grab her house. He is blackmailing me on the basis of these photos.  the woman has two sons, one works outside. However, the charge has not been confirmed yet. The police is investigating the entire case.

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Before death, father passed all property to son

The police officer investigating the case said that the father of the accused died a few days ago. Before his father’s death, his will bequeathed to the accused son. Mother says, my husband cannot do this, the son must have forcibly signed them by cheating in some way.

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