After America, Now Japan targets WHO

Japan thrases WHO

Tokyo After the US, Japan has also targeted the WHO regarding the corona virus. PM Shinzo Abe has said that he will demand an inquiry into the WHO’s initial reaction to the corona virus. Earlier, the US accused the WHO that its attitude has been careless and its decision has been China-centric. Abe said during an Internet program on Friday, “Japan with the European Union will demand a fair, independent and comprehensive investigation.”

He said that this proposal will be introduced in the General Assembly of WHO which starts on Monday.¬†According to the Japan Times, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi also said that Japan is going to support all such investigations, which should be done by an independent entity.¬†Motegi said during the Parliament session, “The disease has a devastating effect on the whole world and information should be shared with the world in a fair and timely manner so that we can stop its spread more quickly.”

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He said, ‘There is a lot of discussion in the international community about where the virus came from and how the initial reaction was on it. This needs a thorough investigation and it is important that an independent unit investigate it. The US and some of its allies have accused the WHO that China kept silent when it hid suppressed information. If the information was shared then the virus could have been prevented. The US has banned even annual funding to WHO.

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