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Gujarat shocker: BJP worker charged 3 times for train fare, beat up migrant for objecting, claims Congress

In a video, a bleeding migrant worker can be heard accusing a Gujarat BJP worker of beating him up for objecting to inflated fares of special Shramik trains.

ongress in Gujarat has accused a BJP worker of charging three-times the train fair from migrant workers and beating one of them up for objecting. The incident allegedly took place in Surat.

In a video shared by Congress leader Saral Patel on Twitter, shows a man accusing BJP worker Rajesh Verma of charging inflated ticket fares from migrants. “I had gone to get the tickets. We have given him Rs 1.16 lakh, but he is saying he will not give our money or tickets. He is selling tickets for Rs 2,000 each, when I tried to object Rajesh Verma and his people hit me with a wooden stick,” the man can be heard saying in the video.

“Rajesh Verma hit me the most, my brain is not working properly from the pain. I have proof that we gave him the money. We all have tokens [for the train ticket], but he refuses to give us tickets,” the bleeding man said.

Screengrabs from the video of the alleged incident

Another bystander added that the people who have the token number were not able to get the tickets while those who have not received the token number are boarding the trains. “We have given the money, we should get the ticket. We are all in trouble here. We have no other way to get back home. Just give us the ticket and let us go to our homes,” the bystander said.

A part fo the video also shows a few men [allegedly BJP worker Rajesh Verma and his aides] beating up a man with a wooden plank.

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Congress leader Saral Patel shared this video on Twitter with a caption: “Shocking video from Surat, Gujarat. BJP worker Rajesh Verma asked 100 migrant workers from Jharkhand to pay for their train tickets in advance. They were charged 3x the original price. When a migrant worker went to his house to protest, he was beaten & hit with wooden plank.”

In another tweet, the Congress leader claimed, “On one hand while Gujarat Congress workers across the state are helping the people in need, Gujarat BJP leaders and workers are busy fleecing the poor and milking their tragedy. Shameful!”

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