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Smriti Irani nails the gibberish challenge on Instagram. Seen yet?

Smriti Irani tried the gibberish challenge on Instagram and nailed it.

Smriti Irani is one of the coolest ministers and her Instagram feed is a testimony to that. She is, in fact, an ardent Instagram user who posts everything from throwback family pictures to memes on her profile.

On Sunday, the BJP minister tried the gibberish challenge on the app and absolutely nailed it. For the uninitiated, Guess the Gibberish is a much-in-fad filter on Instagram wherein you have to guess the word or a phrase. A random phrase written in a box appears on the screen with a timer. Once the time gets over, the correct answer is shown.

Smriti Irani tried the challenge twice and posted videos of the same on her Instagram stories.

Check out the first one here:


The second one came with a twist. Smriti rightly guessed the answer ‘Hugh Jackman’, but for some reason, the answer that appeared was ‘Ryan Reynolds’. This left the minister astonished and her expressions said it all.

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Smriti Irani is the Union Cabinet Minister for Textiles and Women and Child Development. She is also the Member of Parliament from Amethi (Lok Sabha constituency).

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