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Palmistry : This ends the defects of the marriage line

Marriage line, Bhagya line and Mangal Parvat are of special importance in the science of palmistry. These three give information about many aspects of a person’s life. While the fate line indicates the fate of the person, the marriage line reveals the person’s marital life.

According to palmistry, the marriage line in the palm is located on the Mount of Mercury under the smallest finger. There are many indications about the various types of marital life of this line. If the marriage line is not straight and is bending down or is round in shape, then such a situation is not considered good for the health of the spouse from the point of view. If there are these defects in the marriage line and a quadrangle is formed on it, then it provides relief in the problems related to the life of the spouse. After this, the defect in the marriage line becomes almost negligible.

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Similarly, if the fate line is broken in the palm, there are interruptions in the work. There is no success in any work. There are interruptions at every step. In such a situation, if a quadrilateral is formed around the fate line, then problems arise, but success is also achieved.

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Mount Mangal has two places in the palm. One is at a place near the thumb just below the lifeline. The second one is located just below the heart line, near the brain line. The suppressed state of the Mount of Mars lacks courage. Having a quadrangle on the Mount of Mars increases the chances of failing even if there is a lack of courage. Enemies also prevail.

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