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Chhattisgarh Surajpur : Elephants crushed and killed two villagers who took wood in the forest

Surajpur. Two villagers were killed in an elephant attack in the Korandha forest adjoining Bansipur in Pratappur forest area in Surajpur district of Chhattisgarh. An atmosphere of fear has been created by the incident in Bansipur, Korandha and surrounding areas. It has not been clear yet about the incident that took place on Monday night, why the rural elephants went to the Viren area in the dark of night. The staff of the forest department has reached the spot under the leadership of the forest guardian wildlife. The cause of the incident is being investigated.

On Tuesday morning, people saw the mutilated corpse of Sita Rajwade 50 years and Ratan Rajwade 48 years of the village along the river in the Korandha forest from village Bansipur on Ambikapur-Banaras road. Prima facie, the officials of the Forest and Police Department were informed on the confirmation of elephants being crushed and killed.

The forest department staff led by the Forest Conservator of Wildlife SS Cover from Ambikapur reached the spot. According to the information which came out in the initial inquiry, some people of Korandha went to the forest in the dark of night to get wood on Monday night. He was not aware of the presence of elephants in this area.

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A team of elephants was present in the forest along the river. Suddenly, Sita Rajwade and Ratan Rajwade faced elephants. Elephants crushed them badly and killed them both. Part of the torso of Sita Rajwada was completely crushed. This area of ​​Songara, Bansipur of Pratappur forest range has become an area of ​​free movement of elephants. The movement of elephants continues throughout the year.

Villagers of the affected area alleged that no information was circulated on Monday by the Forest Department regarding the presence of elephants in the Korandha forest.

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