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Jabalpur/ Farmer’s death due to brutal beating of police in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh ..!

Jabalpur. A sensational case of police brutality has come to light in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, in which the Goalbazar police of Jabalpur beat a farmer badly for not giving information about gambling, causing serious injuries to his body. The injured farmer is admitted to the hospital for treatment Was made, where the farmer died three days later. The news of the death of the farmer stirred. However, taking the matter seriously, the police officers have ordered an inquiry.

Bhanshilal Kushwaha, a resident of Chhewala Tilhari is reported to be a farmer, on April 16, Banshilal was returning from his farm in the evening, on the way he was found by the police of Gorabazar police station, who made inquiries regarding the ongoing gambling in the area, by Banshilal When the information was not known, the police personnel were enraged and beaten severely with sticks. On receiving the news of Banshilal being beaten badly, others including family members arrived and brought the injured Banshilal home.

The condition of the house worsened, the family immediately admitted to a private hospital in the city, where the team of doctors was undergoing treatment, but today Banshilal died during treatment. The news of Banshilal’s death stirred up, soon after getting information about this, CSP Kent Akhil Verma and other officials rushed to the hospital.

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It is also reported that Banshilal informed that he was intercepted by police personnel in a two-wheeler and four-wheeler on the way and interrogated him about gambling, he was brutally assaulted. Top police officers have taken action to suspend some police personnel in the case, taking the matter seriously. At the same time, the investigation of the case has also been given to CSP Akhil Verma. Since this incident, there is anger among others including the relatives of the deceased

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