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15+ Moments At Airports That Caused Such A Stir – People Couldn’t Help But Stare

15+ Moments At Airports That Caused Such A Stir – People Couldn’t Help But Stare

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15+ Moments At Airports That Caused Such A Stir – People Couldn’t Help But Stare

Air travel can either be a total breeze or an absolute disaster, you never really know which way it will go. These airport moments were so hilarious, people had to stop and stare.

Mommy & Mini-Me

There’s no better way to make light of a situation than to poke fun at yourself. That’s what this new mama did with her welcome home sign. Pointing out the fact that she’s gained weight since having the baby (we think she looks great), inviting daddy to come to meet his mini-me. We’re sure daddy was happy to see his wife and newborn, and that nothing else really even matters!

A Warm Welcome

The smug look on this guy’s face is confusing. We can’t really tell if he’s upset or goofing around, but this sign is hilarious. “The guy who knocked up my sister” seems like an awkward greeting to what we’re guessing is his brother-in-law. He looks like he came to the airport and casually waited for his sister’s partner. We’re hoping that this guy wasn’t the one breaking the news that they’re expecting to whoever he was picking.

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Passenger Falcons

Messenger pigeons were thought to be a thing of the past, but it seems that these sneaky falcons thought up a genius way to make their journey easier and less strenuous by traveling on commercial airline. While that would be a hilarious story, what was actually happening was a Saudi Prince paying for his 80 falcons to travel between the United Arab Emirates. For an average person this would never be permitted, but the Prince used his status to get what he wanted.


Too Specific

This family wanted to think of a hilarious way to welcome the matriarch home in the most embarrassing way possible. As they waited for their mother and wife, they held up signs welcoming her back from prison! As the mother walked through the gate to see her family holding the mortifying signs, she immediately turned the other way and pretended she didn’t know them. The signs got quite a few questionable looks from other passengers but the family will never forget the priceless look on their mom’s face.


Traveling Light

You find all sorts of people in the airport from all walks of life, and some of them can appear as something out of the ordinary. Interestingly, these two people were at Seattle airport, just weeks within each other, along with their huge, antique type writers. Not only are they completely impractical to travel with, they probably raised some eyebrows at security. Companies like Apple have come out with lightweight, small, state-of-the-art technology, so can someone please buy these people an iPad?!


Flying To See Jenny

At the Nashville International Airport, travelers were in for a treat when they spotted Forrest Gump at the airport. Even the Nike sneakers and haircut resembled the famous film character. While there is no information where he was going or what he was doing, we’d like to think he was traveling to see his own Jenny. In any case, if the Forrest lookalike was about to miss his flight, other passengers could just start shouting “run, Forrest! Run!”


Do You Mean Duty?

We’re guessing that this man of duty couldn’t have asked for a better welcome home sign. These two lovebirds look so happy to see each other we’d be surprised if he even read the sign. As the two embrace in each other’s arms, the world disappears behind them. We’re happy this guy got home safe, and that his girl was waiting for him. A sweet welcome home, and we’re happy we got to be a part of it, even if it’s only through the internet.

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Choking Up

We have seen some embarrassing welcome home signs, but this has to be one of the most mortifying. Mokie was in for a shocking surprise when he walked out of the gate. His friends found the most embarrassing photo, choking on some food and decided to blow it up huge and hold it for the whole airport to see. We hope he saw the funny side of it and wasn’t chewing anything as he walked off the flight in the case this face would happen again.


Proposed Itinerary

You can’t help but smile when you see a couple getting engaged in public. Anyone who has experienced that moment will remember the shock and overall excitement that comes with being asked to spend you life with the one. This man chose to propose when his partner returned from a trip, straight as she walked out of the gate. Everyone in the background couldn’t contain their excitement for the adorable couple, and most importantly, she said yes!



Traveling can be stressful enough as it is, so imagine doing it with young children. Between making sure all of your children are accounted for and keeping them calm is a huge challenge in itself. That scene from Home Alone 2 when Kevin gets on the plane to New York City alone is a prime example of why parents should watch their children like hawks. This mother decided to stop her kids from running off by putting them on leashes, but it didn’t look too useful in practice.


What A Welcome

Of course some welcome home signs can be incredibly awkward, while others are sweet and thoughtful. This husband wanted to welcome home his wife in the best way possible, so not only was he sweet, he paid her a huge compliment that probably resulted in quite a few blushes. Picking her up dressed as a limo driver and writing “Smokin Hot Italian Chick,” earned him quite a few looks, but it was certainly worth it. He probably got big brownie points.

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Terminally Grounded

There are some natural disasters that no one can prevent from happening and the effect is huge for natives of that place. These people were trying to get back to their home in Asia, but bad flying conditions were preventing them from getting home, so they were stranded at the airport for days with no flights on the horizon. However, they decided to be incredibly resourceful and use cardboard boxes as makeshift beds. Despite looking like homeless people, it worked!


Doodie Free

The vast majority of airports are not dog-friendly, but the small percentage of them that do, make plenty of allowances for man’s best friends. No matter how well-trained your dog is, they have needs just like the rest of us. This San Diego airport decided to assign a special “pet relief” area, so your pet can go about its business in peace and without nasty looks from appalled passengers. Think about it, it’s also a great place to hang around with cute puppies while waiting around.


Baby On Board

We love a good wordplay and in this case, “songplay”. We couldn’t think of a better “Welcome Home” sign for a baby to greet her daddy with. By the look of Harper’s face, someone seems a bit surprised, and we’re hoping it’s not her father. This sign was a thoughtfully planned out one, and we really appreciate it. Let’s just say, if we’re going to greet someone with a baby, we might steal this idea.

Checked In

Traveling can be increasingly tiresome, there is just so much you can do in an airport before you start going stir crazy. Unless you’re a child and it’s acceptable to play hide and go seek, the reality is that you will probably be sitting on your phone or laptop for the next few hours before boarding your flight. However, this girl decided to bring back the planking craze of 2010 and take a ride along the luggage conveyer belt.


In Plane View

“Do it for the Insta” is a saying which has people doing crazy things to get more followers and more attention on their social media. This Brazilian pilot, Daniel Centeno has garnered over 70,000 Instagram followers due to his plane selfies that only the most fearless of people would take. This selfie was taken above the famous Palm in Dubai but many questioned the validity of them. It turned out that they were photoshopped and everyone died a little inside.


Always Log Out

If you leave your phone in an airport, chances are it’s gone for good and there’s no turning back. However, in Newcastle International Airport, these airport workers decided to have some fun when a passenger left their phone behind by posting a funny selfie on her Facebook page. Geordie’s don’t tend to have the best reputation, but these two men were able to change many of the perceptions about the strong-accented northerners. We’re sure Jasmine wouldn’t forget this one.

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