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Lock down : new guide line declared by Government

new Delhi. new Delhi. The central government on Wednesday released new guidelines for lockdown. It clarifies that wearing masks in public places and working places will be mandatory. Spitting at a public place will require punishment and a fine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday extended the lockdown issued by 21 days across the country by 19 days. He had said that
this time the rules to get out of lockdown will be very strict, where the corona will not spread, there will be conditional exemption of some essentials from April 20.

The Prime Minister had also said that places which are in danger of turning into hotspots, will have to be closely monitored. Therefore, strictness will be increased more for the next one week. By 20 April, every town, every police station, every district, every state will be examined very closely.

Why lockdown until 3 May instead of 30 April?
Several states had extended the lockdown by April 30. The Prime Minister has extended the total lockdown across the country to May 3 instead of April 30. It is believed that he did this because May 1 is the public holiday of Labor Day. Maharashtra, where the highest number of corona cases have been reported, falls on Maharashtra Day on 1 May. It is Saturday on May 2 and Sunday on May 3. If the lockdown opened on weekends, people would go out in large numbers. Hence the lockdown has been kept till May 3 instead of April 30.

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