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PM Modi shared the tweet of Singer Kailash Kher, so Sona Mohapatra reminded this singer is an accused of #Metoo

Mumbai. Singer Sona Mahapatra has always stood up for many women regarding the Meetu movement and has spoken impassively. This singer has openly accused Indian celebrities so that they can support women who have gone wrong. These days the country is facing a corona virus epidemic. In such a situation, Sona Mohapatra also gave an advice to PM Narendra Modi. When PM Modi shared the tweet of singer Kailash Kher in an effort to spread awareness about Corona, then reminded Modi ji that he is an accused of Meetu.

Sharing a teaser video of the upcoming song, Kailash Kher tweeted that 18 artists have simultaneously supported an ‘ISRA initiative to support pmpairsfund’ titled Music Setu which goes live from April 10 to April 12 Will remain. 8–9 pm on the D2H platform.

In the tweet, PM Modi praised the efforts made by all the singers coming together for the video and said that it would be a treat to hear it. On Twitter, PM Narendra Modi shared a tweet made by Kailash Kher with a video. It was written in the tweet, great gesture! Appreciate the artists for coming together for this. It would be a treat to hear it.

As PM Narendra Modi described Kailash Kher’s tweet and initiative as a great gesture, Sona Mahapatra said something through his Twitter. He reminded PM Modi that the artist he liked to tweet, he is an accused hunter of many times. Referring to Kailash Kher in his tweet, Sona also told how doing something in times of crisis washes away everything that he has done.

He has also tagged Textile Minister Smriti Irani and asked how women matter.

He tweeted, PM Sir, it is really time for everyone to unite, help others, fight in this era of crisis but please note that the artist whose tweet you shared has many allegations of ‘IndiaMeToo’ . #WomenMatter? ‘smritiirani.

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