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Corona virus: Rajasthan government will give ration to six thousand families displaced from Pakistan!

The Rajasthan government will provide ration materials to the displaced families from Pakistan and currently living in any district of Rajasthan. The state government has taken this decision in view of a letter from Frontier Public Organization President Hindu Singh Sodha. CM Gehlot has directed the officials to ensure that the Pakistani displaced families get ration materials on time.

It is noteworthy that Sodha had informed that about 6000 Pakistani displaced families are living in different districts of the state. Many of these needy families are facing shortage of ration items due to the lockout. In view of this, the government has given necessary guidelines to the officers.

The concerned district collectors were asked for a report in this regard. According to reports sent by the collectors, 500 Pakistani displaced families live in Jamdoli, Govindpura and Mangiawas in Jaipur. These families are in touch with the district administration and ration materials are being distributed to them. Similarly, ration materials are being made available to 618 Pak displaced and needy families in Jodhpur.

According to the information received, Additional District Collector of Jaipur, Mahipal Kumar has been directed to keep in touch with Sodha and ensure that all assistance is provided to the needy families. According to the collectors report, there are about 200 Pak displaced families in Barmer district, 92 families in Pali and 93 families in Bikaner district.

All these families are being provided ration as per demand. Apart from these districts, the Pak displaced families are also residing in Jaisalmer, Jalore and Sirohi districts. Along with meeting all their ration related needs, they are being met and financial assistance is also being provided to eligible families. CM Gehlot has also instructed that all such needy Pak displaced families, who do not fall under any social security scheme, should be provided ration item kits!

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