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WHO Chief’s strong reply to Donald Trump, ‘… if we don’t improve, we will have more corpses in front of us’

Washington.  So far, more than 88 thousand people have died worldwide due to Coronavirus. So far, 14700 people have lost their lives in the US. While 4 lakh 30 thousand Americans are corona positive. In such a situation, US President Donald Trump has fiercely targeted the World Health Organization (WHO). He blamed the WHO for this terrible situation. But now Trump has been given a befitting reply by WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Gabriaceus, that the Corona virus should not be ‘politicized’.

Answer to WHO

During a press conference in Geneva, World Health Organization director general Tedros said, “Corona virus should not be politicized. Now it is necessary that we all work together. If we do not improve, then more coffins will be placed in front of us. At this time, China and America should work together in the fight against Corona virus.


Tederos defended the World Health Organization, saying that as soon as New Year’s Day, the WHO came to know about the virus in China immediately. On January 5, we informed all member states. After this, guidelines for fighting the virus were also released till 10 January. When it was found that the community outbreak was taking place due to this virus, we announced the Public Health Emergency.

Trump threatened

Earlier, US President Donald Trump threatened to stop the WHO funding at a White House press conference. He said that the WHO did not take any effective steps to stop the corona virus. He also alleged that the WHO is helping China. Trump said, ‘America gives the highest amount of funds to the WHO and in the coming time we can ban this fund. When we banned travel, it was criticized by the World Health Organization. He has made a lot of mistakes regarding the corona infection. He should have issued a warning about this disease more earlier

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