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So did Smriti Irani not help Amethi laborers trapped in Wayanad, CM told RSS propaganda

Kerala Corona Cases: On Monday, a report was published in the RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’, titled ‘Smriti Irani helped Amethi laborers who were stranded in Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency Wayanad.’


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has dismissed the report as propaganda, stating that Union Minister Smriti Irani was stuck in her parliamentary constituency Amethi in Wayanad due to Coronavirus Lockdown. Helped some migrant laborers living. This news was also in the limelight because former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is an MP from Wayanad and Irani defeated Rahul Gandhi from his three-time parliamentary constituency Amethi in last year’s Lok Sabha elections.

On Monday, a report was published in the RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’ titled ‘Smriti Irani helped Amethi laborers who were stranded in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency Wayanad.’ The report said that 35 migrant laborers in Mallapuram under Wayanad were rescued due to taking action during Irani’s time. Chief Minister P. Vijayan denied this report after coming to the media after an important meeting on Coronavirus and told that the workers were better than before. He said, ‘When we got information about it, it came to know that 41 migrant laborers were living together at one place. Panchayat officials handed him 25 kits as he said that he would cook himself. They have no shortage of food.


14,86,163CASES10,66,769ACTIVE3,30,815FIXED88,579DEATHSCoronavirus has spread to 184 countries so far . As of April 9, 2020 2:34 pm, a total of 14,86,163 cases have been confirmed worldwide and 88,579 have died. Treatment of 10,66,769 patients is going on and 3,30,815 people have been discharged after treatment. .


5,734540CASES5,095452ACTIVE47371FIXED16617DEATHIn India, 5,734 cases have been confirmed, including 166 deaths. As of April 9, 2020 8:00 am the number of active cases in India is 5,095 and 473 people have been discharged after treatment.

State wise and district wise details

Tamil Nadu738487094521281
Uttar Pradesh361183301627141
Andhra Pradesh3484333842614
Madhya Pradesh229216013

He further said, ‘With this we are seeing that the method of propaganda has been adopted by the organizer and it has been spread that the hungry laborers of Amethi were helped when Smriti Irani intervened. I want to make one thing clear that the state government is providing all possible help to the migrant laborers and the people of the state. At this time there should be no such competition or no propaganda or the efforts of the state government should not be let down.

There is a lot of discussion on social media about Amethi and Wayanad. Let me tell you that a report was quoted last Saturday that Rahul Gandhi has sent 12 thousand sanitizers, 20 thousand masks and 10,000 soap Amethi. The Congress MP has also sent wheat to his former parliamentary constituency. BJP leaders denied this report.

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