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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, opens treasury, donates 76 billion rupees to fight Corona

Jack Dorsey, CEO of microblogging website Twitter, is donating $ 1 billion to fight Covid-19. He has given this information through tweet.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has announced a $ 1 billion (about Rs 76.13 billion) fund to fight the corona virus. Significantly, this money is about 28% of their net worth.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that he is donating $ 1 billion of equity invested in Squaire into a charitable fund. He has said that this fund is being given to Start Small LLC as a Global Covid-19 Relief.

Significantly, Squire is a company whose co-founder is Jack Dorsey. He has given this information through tweet. He has also said that this donation is equal to 28% of his net worth.

According to a Guardian report, it is the largest donation given by a person to fight Corona around the world. Talk about Jeff Bezos, he is the richest man in the world. He has donated $ 100 million to the American Food Bank.

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jack Dorsi, the co-founder of Twitter and Square, has a net worth of $ 3.9 billion. However, Jack Dorsi has not yet clarified where these funds will be sent for the war against Corona.

Jack Dorsi wrote in a tweet that after the end of this epidemic, our focus will shift to girls health and education. They have also said that it will work in a transparent way. He has also attached a Google document with this tweet.

Through the Google Doc attached to the tweet, they want that the fund donation made by them can also be publicly tracked.

Generally limited liability company ie LLC, through which Dorsi is donated, has a problem with transparency. So they shared these details.

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