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Trump warned India, Farah Khan shrugged, said – Modi ji should reconsider his friendship

Farah Khan, in her tweet, targeted Donald Trump, saying, “Trump on one hand called India and Modi ji his friend.”

new Delhi: 

India was also tweeted by Donald Trump for removing the ban on the export of hydroxy chloroquine (Donald Trump). Recently, Sanjay Khan’s daughter Farah Khan Ali has also tweeted on this issue, in which she said that Trump on one hand calls Modi ji as his friend and on the other side he says that if Modi ji He will retaliate if medicines are not sent. Farah Khan’s tweet, which brought about the trump, is becoming fiercely viral on social media, with people also commenting on it a lot. 

Farah Khan Ali, in his tweet, targeted Donald Trump, saying, “Trump on one hand called India and Modi ji his friend. On the other, he says that if Modi ji wants him If he does not give medicines, he will retaliate. Friends do not pull anyone. Rather friends ask graciously. Friends request not threaten. Maybe Modi ji rethinks his friendship with Trump Need to do four. ” Explain that the Ministry of External Affairs was told that India has decided to export hydroxychloroquine on a case-by-case basis to many countries including neighbors.

Please tell that Farah Khan Ali is very active on social media about his views. She often offers her views on contemporary issues. At the same time, talking about the corona virus, the number of people infected with it in India has reached 4789 so far, with 124 deaths in the country due to the corona virus. However, in the meantime, it is a matter of relief that 353 people have gone back to their homes after treatment.

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