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Kovid-19: Liberated after 76-day lockdown, dangerous corona blasted across the world from this city of Wuhan, China

The city of Wuhan, which was the epicenter of the Corona virus that wreaked havoc all over the world, got freed from the lockdown on Wednesday. After the ongoing lockdown for the last 76 days, the population of about 11 million (1.1 crore) of the place will cross Laxman Rekha today. This is the first time when people will cross the threshold of the city for the first time after January 23 and will be able to come out. The Corona virus epidemic started here in December last year, the effect of which is being seen all over the world. 

11 Malian people, who had been imprisoned in their homes for nearly two and a half months, will come out and this city of Hubei province, which was locked down, will run again. From today, the traffic facilities will start as soon as the lockdown ends, trains will take people from the stations and planes will fly at the airport. People will be able to sit in their trains and go outside the city. According to the Global Times, the provincial administration has also lifted the ban on local transporters and inter-province transport. Not only this, most of the people who were trapped after the lockdown, including delivery man, office workers, doctors and nurses can all return to their respective jobs. 

The Chinese government took this decision on Tuesday after not a single death case came to light. Since the National Health Commission began releasing the data in January, it is the first time no one has died due to corona. The city, with a population of 11 million, was the most affected by Corona. Out of the total 82 thousand corona infected in China, 50 thousand were in this city. Of the total 3331 dead, 2500 died in Wuhan itself. 

The first case of corona virus was reported here in December. It is said that in the seafood and meat market here, the virus passed from animal to human and then it turned into an epidemic. More than 1.3 million people have been infected with this virus worldwide and more than 70 thousand people have died. The government announced a lockdown in Wuhan following a spurt in Corona infection cases. The city saw the biggest lockdown in history. After 23 January it went on hardening. With the spread of the virus, lockdown was also implemented throughout Hubei Province. 60 million people were imprisoned in homes. 

However, officials have also made it clear that the controlling measures will continue. Wang Zonglin, head of the Communist Party of China in Wuhan, said on Sunday, “Officials at the community level will continue to strictly monitor and manage. Ensure that the infection does not recur with traffic restoration. ‘ Officials said restrictions and surveillance related to entry and exit in residential areas will continue. 

According to local media, citizens in restaurants, hotels, shops, buses and subway stations will be asked to scan health codes to monitor their health status and travel history. Like the rest of China, Hubei and Wuhan also have an eye on cases coming from outside. On Monday, 32 cases of Corona from outside came in China and their total number has been 983. Of these, 285 have been discharged. 698 is undergoing treatment. The condition of 21 of them is critical. 

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