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Singer Duffy said – I was given drug for four weeks and raped

Singer Duffy has mentioned in his post the bad times of his life, which took away about 10 years from him and took away all his happiness. He was put on a KIDNAP from the birthday party going on in a fabulous restaurant and was taken abroad. Duffy kept his dark secret hidden for almost 10 years, but managed to overcome the fear inside him and now he told what happened to him.

He also praised the psychologist for saving his life. He said, that day was my birthday, I took drugs in the restaurant and then I used to take it for four weeks and during that time I went abroad.

He has written, I do not remember anything about how she got inside the plane and how she came back. I was taken to a hotel room, where the wicked raped me. Remembering this painful accident, Duffy said, “I feel the pain I was facing and when all this happened, I also tried to bring myself to consciousness.”

The next day I was confronted with him again, he did not look at me, I was following him, I realized that I was in my consciousness and I gave up again.

He told me, I thought that while he was sleeping I would run away to the nearby city, but I had no cash and I also felt afraid that he would not complain to the police because of running against me. Give and the police catch me as a missing.

Duffy said, I do not know how I endured it at that time. I had a feeling that there is something that is helping me to keep me alive. He has further told, I returned from the flight with him and remained as calm and normal as anyone should live in this situation. And when I reached home, I just rooted as if someone was a zombie. I came to know that my life is in danger now, because he had clearly said that he wants to kill me.

Duffy said, ‘That dangerous man kept giving me drugs for 4 weeks in my own house, I don’t know if he raped me then or not.

Duffy said that she had gone into suicide mode after all this, but her therapist completely changed her life, which showed her the right path. However, he also told that he could not even get eyes from him for about 8 sessions with that therapist. She told that she posted about it a few weeks ago because she was upset about hiding these things

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