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Gujarat: More than 50 thousand people quarantined together in Surat, making the country’s largest quarantine zone

The first case of mass quarantine has been reported in Surat’s Rander region in Gujarat.

More than 50 thousand people of 16 thousand houses have been quarantined here.

The administration took this decision after the report of the area’s laundry operator came to Corona-positive. Looking at the possibility of infection among the people, the team of Health Department is now surveying 16000 houses in the area. Officials said that the wife, brother-in-law, niece and a personal doctor of the said laundry operator are also being kept under observation.

So far, about 25 thousand people were being kept in quarantine throughout the state. However, now about 54 thousand people have been made together in home-quarantine in the Rander area. Due to which it has become the largest home-quarantine zone in the state. People from all over the area come to the Laundry Operator in Surat’s Rander area. This is why the administration is taking this matter very seriously. It is being ascertained from the administration that clothes have been taken from where and from his shop.

Not only this, barricades have been laid on all the routes by encircling an area of ​​one kilometer of the Rander Town area. Red flags are being installed in the area to stop the movement of people in this area. People are essentially being instructed to stay in homes.

The process of finding the traceable people is fast

At the same time, the administration has speeded up the process of finding people who were unable to trace from abroad. On Thursday, the Regional Passport Officer held a meeting with the Manpa Commissioner. Also, the information of all the people who were incomplete, discussed with their Regional Passport Office how they can be reached.

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